Branding Services

Brand strategy and positioning

The quality of your strategy will have a direct impact on your business success. Setting clear goals about who you are targeting and being precise about what you want to happen is therefore essential. You need an attractive proposition that will engage your audience and grow brand awareness.

We deliver this service in a one-to-one setting or through team workshops. The outcome you can expect is a defined course that helps you navigate through the sales and marketing activities.

Logo design

Think of your logo as the flag at the top of your ship – a beacon to set you apart from your competitors. It is the symbol that represents your promise to deliver. We create new logos for start-up businesses, refine existing ones or, when necessary, work on complete re-brands. As well as making sure your logo hits the right notes, we endeavour to inject as much flexibility as possible for today's multi-channel format requirements.

Brand platform development

To support your logo, you need layers of design elements to enrich the brand experience. Subtle or obvious, these grow brand awareness in a less obvious way and teach your audience your 'brand language' so that they can come to quickly recognise your communication. We draw on colour palettes, typography, graphics, illustrations, photographic styles and many more elements to make your brand really come alive.


2016 finalist for Brand Strategy

We only have to give a very basic context and they come up with innovative and eye catching designs



A selection of projects:

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Argentous Yacht Branding

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Grace St Paul's Branding

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Z-Risk Engine® Branding

Lazy Lizard Branding

AVCA Branding

Roehampton Vets Clinic Branding