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MacFarlane's Fine Food

Growing a brand with exceptional taste

Projects include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Marketing & event materials
  • Print & online advertising
  • Website creation on Shopify
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MacFarlane’s is at the very heart of the Abbeville Village in South London. Founded purely as a cheese shop it has, over the years, developed into a diverse fine food emporium of exceptional quality.

As MacFarlane's celebrate 25 years (as do we), we also take joy in 13 years of collaboration. Since this ex Fortnum & Mason team took over the store, we have been their design partner to advise and support on all aspects of their brand communication. 

In 2023 we improved the existing, limited e-commerce opportunities with a new website created on the Shopify platform.

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